We Love Our Customers!

We exist for our customers. Our current business success is due to referrals and repeat business from our previous customers. When you choose Human Forge Movement Training, you choose a skilled, dependable, professional team that is committed to excellence in all the services we provide. We are always listening to our customers and improving ourselves to serve them better. We are honored to have their patronage and glad to share with you their feedback below.
I love this gym. I have an amazing trainer who knows so much about the body and it's capabilities regardless your fitness level Kevin has been absolutely 100 percent committed to helping me reach my fitness goals and more. I can't believe the huge transformation in my body and my strength in these last few months, I have a knee injury that has previously prevented me from doing certain types of exercise and was causing problems with me be able to do my job. Kevin has been able to work around the injury while still giving me an intense workout that has actually strengthen my knee and is allowing me to really move like I want. He is my first trainer that I've hired and I believe I hit the jackpot! His professionalism is 2nd to none and he genuinely holds a great deal of interest in his clientele and what their needs and goals are. He has also been very flexible with my schedule since I work in construction and go to school so my times to work out change.if your looking for a more personal touch than you would get at a big box gym this is the place to be and Kevin is the trainer for you!
Curtistine B.
Human Forge is a great gym with great trainers. People are friendly and focused on getting fit. Group exercise with a mix of weight training, plyometrics, speed and agility or individual workouts, they have something for everyone. No worrying about what workouts to do, waiting for equipment, or wasted gym time. They help you set specific goals, and they tailor the workouts to crush them...all we have to do is show up. You should check out their obstacle course too!
MIchael L.
Legit. Form is never sacrificed for quantity and expectations are always high but based on individual, calculated tolerance. As a long time competitor and overly self critical I've broken barriers which is refreshing when training and PRs have hit plateau. Recommended for all but mostly those who have intent to achieve personal, professional, and team based excellence.
Jessica L.